Dwyer Flex-Tube U-Tube Manometer – Fluid Filled

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These inexpensive manometers measure positive, negative and differential pressures. Dwyer® Flex-Tube® U-Tube Manometers combine the inherent accuracy of the simple "U" Tube with the durability of tough, long-lasting plastic construction. Columns are of .375" O.D. flexible and shatter proof clear butyrate tubing. They are easily accessible for cleaning. Indicating tube is backed by white scale channel to provide maximum color contrast. Scales are extruded high impact polystyrene plastic, formed to hold columns in perfect alignment. Stark white scales have graduations and numbers silkscreen-printed in black for maximum legibility.
    • Measure Positive, Negative or Differential Pressure
    • Smallest Range: 0-200 mmWG; Largest Range: 0-1000 mmWG
    • Tough Long Lasting Plastic Construction
    • supplied with Fluorescein Green Dye Concentrate
    • Options: Magnetic Mounting Clips (1222); Shut-Off Valves (1223);

Data sheet and manual can be found here.  

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